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Gary Connery: "I especially enjoy wingsuit jumping without a parachute"

Els alumnes de 3r D hem fet una entrevista imaginària a Gary Connery, el millor skydiving del món, després de treballar un vídeo sobre ell.

Alumnes:  Who are you?  And what are you?
Gary C: My name is Gary Connery and I am British skydiver, base jumper and professional stuntmen.

A: What do you enjoy doing?
G.C: I especially enjoy wingsuit jumping without a parachute.

A: Have you got any children?
G.C: Yes, I have a son, his name is Kaly and he’s 16 years old.

A: What is the difference between base jump and skydiving?
G.C: Base jumping is one of the most dangerous sports in the world
while. Skydiving isn't as dangerous as base jump. In skydiving, you jump from a plane, thousands of metres. Both are extreme sports.

A: What do you need to become licence a base jumper?
G.C: You need a base jumper licence and take a lesson with an export base jumper, and very important equipment knee pads and helmet.

A: Is base jumping legal everywhere? Why?
G.C: No, it isn’t. It isn’t legal everywhere because many people consider the sport too dangerous.

A: Thanks for the interview Gary.
G.C: Thanks to you all.

Alumnes de 3r D

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