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ENTREVISTA A YOLANDA CABANAS (professora d'anglès)

“Sometimes it can be very difficult to teach English, because students are tired and they ask me to speak in Spanish.”

Yolanda Cabanas is an English teacher. We will do an interview in English because we thought it interesting to do so. We do it for people as much as I know, people who want to learn and know better English.

Why did you choose this profession?
Because I like foreign languages and I like teaching kids.
What did you study? What university did you go?
I want to be the Autonomies University of Barcelona, and I studied Translation and interpreting in English and Portuguese.
Was it difficult to learn English for you?
No, it was my favourite subject at school and I liked listening to music in English so that helped a lot.
Did you travel for studying English? Where?
I travelled to Canada while I was at university and when I finished my studies I went to Oxford England to work for two years.
Did you work in Oxford?
Yes I did.
Do you like teaching English?
Yes I like teaching English and I wish all the students enjoyed learning, although I know not all of them do.
We think it’s difficult to teach English to the students. What do you think?
Sometimes it can be very difficult because students are tired and they ask me to speak in Spanish.
What do you like in your profession?
I like being surrounded by young people and teenagers because they are very lively and I think interesting, although it is sometimes hard to deal with them.
What other subjects do you like teaching?
I would love to teach music or art, but I don’t think I have the knowledge to do it.
How many years have you been in this high school?
This is my second year in this school.
What do you like to do in your free-time?
I like going to the cinema, going out with my friends and spending                                                   with my family.

Encara que ens ha costat una mica, i la Yolanda ens ha ajudat en l’anglès, ens ha agradat molt fer aquesta entrevista.

Cristian Cordero Torres i Ahmad Benhaddi Badr 

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